The Lean & Process Improvement consulting engagement will move through several phases. Every business is unique, therefore as a provider, we do not offer an ‘out of the box’ service services; every engagement is custom designed to meet the business specific requirements and goals. However, most engagements do follow a similar process that is described below.

Our Approach Cosmos Performance
Our Approach Cosmos Performance

Productivity Benchmarking

During this stage, the current state of all processes is reviewed and captured. Current performance is measured identifying any wastes and opportunities within the current processes. All opportunities are then shared and discussed as part of ongoing gate reviews. Creating a potential future state.

Our Approach Cosmos Performance

Process Implementation

Once the identified opportunities are agreed, new or updated processes are implemented as recognised in the future state. As part of this phase all relevant people are taken on the journey, developing a new culture.

Our Approach Cosmos Performance


As part of the Process Improvement phase we will be looking for innovations to help improve the flow and ensure tasks are done as efficiently and effectively as possible. Local knowledge as well as reaching out to the wider industry to identify current and upcoming innovations. All innovations will go through a trial phase and ROI review

Our Approach Cosmos Performance

Standard Operating Procedure

At the end or the of the implementation/innovation phase future state processes will become the documented Standard Operating Procedure as agreed by key stakeholder. There will be a final gate review as part of the closure ensuring goals are met. Case studies and knowledge documents created as part of communication across the business.


  • Identify key inefficiencies resulting in wasted time and expenses
  • Typical productivity improvement between 8-15% (depending on industry)
  • Identify critical bottlenecks that are limiters to growth
  • Process benchmark of current infrastructure, processes, and staff
  • Identify waste and opportunities for improving and creating efficient processes
  • Implementation of future state processes based on the opportunities found
  • Reduction of labour costs
  • Improved safety, standards, cost control and staff engagement
Our Approach Cosmos Performance
Our Approach Cosmos Performance